Board & Binding Packages Sizing Chart


Snowboard Length Sizing:

A recent survey showed 85% of pro riders revealed that on average they rode boards that are 85% - 92% of their height. The formula to live by is: Rider Height (inches) x 2.54 x 0.88 = Suggested Board Length (cm). And presto, you have the perfect board for you in all conditions. Right? Wrong!!

Keep in mind that there is no magical formula for every rider. It's more or less determined by terrain, conditions and most of all, personal preference. In general, an overall greater cm length will yield a board that can be controlled at and attain greater speeds. In addition, longer boards are better performers and float more in powder due to their increased surface area. Shorter overall lengths yield a board that is more maneuverable and offer a lower swing weight.

Your height (inches) x 2.54 x 0.88 = Suggested Board Length

Rider Height Board Length
4'0"" (48"") 103 - 112cm
4'2"" (50"") 107 - 116cm
4'4"" (52"") 112 - 121cm
4'6"" (54"") 116 - 126cm
4'8"" (56"") 120 - 130cm
4'10"" (58"") 125 - 135cm
5'0"" (60"") 129 - 140cm
5'2"" (62"") 133 - 144cm
5'4"" (64"") 138 - 149cm
5'6"" (66"") 142 -154cm
5'8"" (68"") 146 -158cm
5'10"" (70"") 151- 163cm
6'0"" (72"") 155-168cm
6'2""+ (74"") 159cm - 172cm

Snowboard Width Sizing:

Board width is as important, if not more important, than overall length in selecting the right board for you.
A board that is too narrow in relation to a rider's boot will cause toe and heel drag. With a board that's too wide, the rider will not be able to put adequate pressure on the toe and heel edge, thus creating an unresponsive ride.
Use the following chart to gauge the relationship between your boot size and board.

Recommended Width Based on Boot Size
Mens Boot Size
Womens Boot Size Youth Boot Size Board Width (at base)
Up to 5.5
Up to 6
Up to 6
Up to 24 cm Narrow
6 to 10
6.5 to 11

24-25.5 cm Regular
10 to 12

25.5-26.5 cm Midwide
12 or larger

26.5 cm+  Wide


Snowboard Bindings

How to choose the right size binding.

Each binding will have a boot size in parentheses that fits that particular binding. So, choose bindings according to your boot size.

Example: Binding L/XL (9-13) fits boot size 9-13.

Please note that Binding sizes are approximate. Since certain brand boots may vary in width/length and will generally fit into the corresponding binding sizes.

Women's Bindings

Women riders should pay special attention to the binding that is selected. We have three types of bindings in our shop; Men's(Unisex), Women's and Youth bindings. Sizing for the Women's bindings is a given and should pose no problem. A unisex binding or one labeled as men's should present no greater hurdle than making you reevaluate the sizing range. Simply correct for the smaller women's boot size by adding 1 to 1 1/2 sizes to the existing size range of the binding. This will give you the women's range that the binding will accommodate.

Example: If you have a women's size 9-9.5 boot, choose a men's binding that fits a men's size 8 boot.

Youth Bindings

Younger riders should also pay special attention to the binding that is selected. Any of the three gender groupings would serve as an adequate option due to the rider's lighter weight without stressing the binding. Depending upon the gender of the young rider sizing of the unisex or women's bindings also needs to be calculated.
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