Skis Sizing Chart


Finding the correct ski size is primarily based on the skier weight. But keep in mind there is no one magic formula, any number of factors such as ability level, terrain and skiing style all contribute to determining the right size ski size for each person.

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Ski Length Sizing

Skier Height (in) Skier Height (cm) Beginner to Intermediate Advanced to Expert
4'4" 132 115-125 125-133
4'6" 137 125-132 132-137
4'8" 142 130-139 137-143
4'10" 147 137-142 142-148
5'0" 152 139-145 145-153
5'2" 157 145-152 152-157
5'4" 162 147-153 153-162
5'6" 167 153-160 160-167
5'8" 172 157-164 164-173
5'10" 177 163-173 170-178
6'0" 182 165-175 175-183
6'2" 187 170-179 179-188
6'4" 192 177-185 185-193


Selecting the right width is all about consider the conditions that you will primarily be skiing in. General rule is that the wider skis will have more contact surface area with the snow. So if the snow is choppy or uneven, a wider ski will become a more stable platform. With a narrower ski stability is not the question rather how much pressure, and how efficiently can I exert that pressure on the edges of my skis. There by holding an edge in a hard snow condition. A narrow ski allows the boot to be close to the edge and thus allowing you very easy control of your edges.

Ski Width Sizing

Snow Conditions Hard Pack Groomed Powder Packed Powder Chop & Crud Powder
Waist Width 60-70mm 70-90mm 85-105mm 100-115mm 110+mm
Armada Sizings
Armada Size Chart
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