T-Shirts Sizing Chart


Sizing vary greatly within this grouping. If you do not want a very tight fit, please choose the bigger size. Actual t-shirt measurements in inches taken from across the front. Use a tape measure or ruler and measure one of your own t-shirts. This is the best way to choose your t-shirt size if you are unsure.
Fallen Sizings

Fallen Men's Apparel Sizing

Size Small Medium Large X-Large XX-Large
Chest (in) 35-38 (89-96.5cm) 39-42 (99-107cm) 42-45 (107-114cm) 46-49 (117-124.5cm) 50-52 (127-132cm)
Neck (in) 14.5-15 (37-38cm) 15.5-16 (39-41cm) 16.5-17 (42-43cm) 17-17.5 (43-44.5cm) 17.5-18 (44.5-46cm)
Sleeve (in) 33 (84cm) 34 (86cm) 35 (89cm) 36 (91cm) 37 (94cm)
Waist (in) 39-30 (74-76cm) 31-33 (79-84cm) 34-36 (86-91cm) 37-39 (94-99cm) 40-42 (102-107cm)
Inseam (in) 30-32 (76-81cm) 30-32 (76-81cm) 30-32 (76-81cm) 30-32 (76-81cm) 30-32 (76-81cm)

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