Wet Suits Sizing Chart

Wet Suits Whether you're looking at purchasing a wetsuit or drysuit you should be aware of what you're getting yourself into. They should fit snug throughout but not limit your range of movement. A suit that is too small in the torso or body you will find it difficult to bend over. Similarly a suit that is loose on your back is large. If you order a LT (large tall) and you experience bunching of material in the legs you should consider getting a Large suit as a replacement as you may consider yourself taller that what you actually are.

Most suits will indicate the thickness of the neoprene used in either a single or multiple value display. Such as 2mm or 3/2mm. The first number will refer to the core thickness - 3mm and the second will indicate the thickness in the extremities - 2mm.


Hyperflex Sizings
Hyperflex Size Chart
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