Skateboard Wheels Sizing Chart

Skateboard Wheels

Wheels come in all colors, sizes and degrees of hardness. Two terms that are thrown around allot are diameter and durometer. As we all know from 3rd grade the diameter is any straight line segment passing through the center of a circle whose endpoints are on the circle. In other words the height of the wheel. The durometer of the wheel is how hard the wheel is.
So what should you get. Generally speaking most of us tend to ride a wheel that ranges from 52 to 54mm. For most skaters hardness tend not to come into the equation and thus falls around the 99a range buy default. This is a good all around wheel.

If you're skating street look at the 50-55mm range, strict ramp and vert look 55-65mm as they tend to be faster. For a good all purpose wheel you'll want to fall in the middle, say 52-60mm.
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