Wakeboard Handle Combos Sizing Chart

Wakeboard Handles

As different as wakeboarding styles are there is a handle for everyone. The general trend has been towards optimizing the ergonomics of the handles. This is done by enhancing the comfort of the grips.
The width of your handle is also significant. Wakeboard handles are wide, between 13 to 15 inches, which makes it easier to perform tricks such as passing the handle behind your back. An additional component of some handles is the ever useful launch handle situated just prior to the main handle. This little friend makes your wrap or spin tricks far easier.


Wakeboard Mainlines

When selecting a wakeboard mainline you should look at two main factors; stretch and length. Always select a non stretching rope. Unlike the waterski lines that offer the forgiving stretch and actually pull the rider around the waterski corse a wakeboarder needs a line that will not cause slack or recoil when in the rider is in the air. This stretching beavior on the part of ski lines acually limits the amount of height that a rider can attain.
When it comes to line lenght a rule of thumb is to look for something betwen 50 to 65 feet. A general rule of thumb is that as you progress in your riding you will require more line lenght. Why you ask? Well a shorter line will limit the amount of air that you can catch off the wake and if you want to go big then you need greater distance.
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