Wakeboard Vests Sizing Chart

Wakeboard Vests

Personal flotation devices(PFDs) are an absolute must for all avid water enthusiasts. They come in any manner of color, style and shape so there is no excuse that you can't find the right flavor for you.

The House recommends that you first consider purchasing a US Coast Guard(USCG) approved vest as these PDFs are put through a rigorous testing and accident simulations to meet such a ranking. Also be sure to read any and all information that is included with your vest prior to use.

Vest Types
USCGA - Approved in every state and is the industry standard for PFD's.
Competition/Freeride - Thinner and lighter than USCGA vests.
Side Entry - Available in USCGA and freeride models.
Molded/Sectioned - Available in USCGA and freeride models.
Pullover - Fits like a wetsuit top, not USCGA.
Riding Shirts - To be worn under your vest, not a PFD.

Rashguard - To be worn under your vest or wetsuit, not a PFD.

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